Best Animal Traps

Best animal traps

I’m a softy at heart so you aren’t going to find any animal traps on this page that kills the animal. (Mice are my only exception) Instead, this page has humane and pain-free traps for animals that allows you to relocate the animal to another area on your property. Or you can provide the pest to a professional group for relocation elsewhere.

One-Way Animal Door

This isn’t technically a trap, but it does allow an animal out, but not back in. This is ideal for removing many unwanted animals from your house, barn, deck, shed, or fenced area. Tomahawk has a great one-way door that is portable and used in many situations. When using it with animals, cover with plywood, branches and other things to “camouflage it.”

Tomahawk One Way Door

Snake Trap, Minnow Trap, or Funnel Trap

This snake trap contains snakes on your property without killing or harming them. Although you can make a flimsy version using netting, it takes a lot of time and isn’t something I have time to make. Instead, I found this as a sturdy and reusable alternative. It is stainless steel, has a clasp to keep raccoons from opening it, and can be used in the water or on land.

Funnel Snake Trap

Large Animal Live Trap

The Havahart live trap allows you to trap large animals such as cats, dogs, snakes, weasels, coyotes and others. You can catch raccoons, squirrels, and rats. It doesn’t harm the animal. Put the bate inside and when the animal goes in, the door swings shut.

Havahart Live Trap on Amazon

Wasp Trap

Wasps are aggressive, mean, and can ruin a great picnic. This wasp catcher provides a way to capture wasps that are attracted to the picnic. I would not use it to capture bees because of the valuable service that bees do to our ecosystem and because they are so important.

Wasp Trap on Amazon