Best Motion Activated Sprinklers and Lights

Best motion activated sprinklers

Motions activated sprinklers or lights are a great way to condition animals to stay away. They can help to keep pest animals away or help to keep your chicken coop lit up to make it unattractive for night predators. Here are the ones I like the best.

Motion Activated Lights

Baxia Solar Outdoor Lights recharge during the day and turn on. They work in cold and hot weather conditions. They also work in the rain or snow. Just like anything with a battery, they eventually do wear down after several years of use, but I found that you can replace the rechargeable batteries pretty easy and continue using them without needed to replace them.

Motion Activated Sprinklers To Scare Away Predators

My favorite motion activated sprinkler is the Orbit Yard Enforcer. It is similar to the Scarecrow Motion Activate Animal Repellent, but it allows for greater adjustments in angle, height, and duration. It also allows you to more easily hook up multiple sprinklers so that you can cover a greater area or angle.