Bird Pest Tools

How to repell pigeons (1)

Birth Control For Pest Birds

Pest birds such as pigeons are difficult to control inhumane ways. One of the most effective is birth control that comes in the form of bird food. When fed daily, it inhibits the hatching of eggs. This is especially useful in birds that reproduce rapidly such as pigeons and doves. OvoControl by Innolytics produces an automatic bird feed dispenser.

Bird Protection

Bird netting is used to protect gardens, fruit trees, roofs, and other roosting areas. It is used to protect roofs and eves from nesting by pigeons and other birds. Smaller plastic netting for home use can be found on Amazon. Large commercial-sized heavy grade netting is available.

Birdwire is used commercially to protect areas that pigeons like to roost on. Bird Barrier makes a great wire that is a long-lasting wire.

Birdslide sells sheaths that eliminate ledges around windows, bricks, and other areas.

Feature Image Photo Credit: Flickr James Cridland